Goldman Sachs | Rubik Properties | Nordic Investment Match

    Goldman Sachs has acquired their second portfolio of residential properties in Denmark.

    We are thankful for the trust from Goldman Sachs and motivated by expanding our portfolio with additional three residential projects to a total of 10 properties comprising more than 1,250 residential units across Denmark. All defined by DGNB certified residential projects located in regional growth cities which all match our strategic focus on affordable housing.

    We are likewise very happy with the trustworthy collaboration with Birch Ejendomme which in every way is a really good match.

    Thanks to our advisors Brunn & Hjejle, KPMG, NIRAS and Colliers and to Birch Ejendomme and their advisor Accura for yet another constructive and professional co-operation.

    [RUBIK Properties – an operating partner for international investors]