Assisting third parties with buy and sell-side advisory

    We facilitate and assist investors in Nordic Real Estate through our unique expertise and local presence. Thus, we can support you in the process of buying or selling real estate, providing independent advice and reliable market data.

    Both institutional and private investors can benefit from our consulting when looking to acquire individual properties, projects or entire portfolios. Our consulting services are structured in modular fashion, so you get support in the specific areas you need.

    Real estate transactions are typically a process comprised of several phases. RUBIK Properties support and advise you throughout each individual phase, providing analysis of the potential of investment opportunities.

    Services are offered as modules to meet your needs in an optimal targeted fashion. The content of the service modules spans everything from providing current market data to coordination of the entire purchase process, including due diligence.

    Specific services includes: Designing and reviewing buying and selling strategies, preparing non-binding offers (NBOs), checking data rooms for completeness and plausibility and analysis of the data, property analysis, location study, lease contract review, market and competition analysis, valuation, tenders and managing due diligence i.e. external service providers (legal, financial and tax, technical, commercial), business plan and SPA review, property/asset and facility management operating model review, revenues and cost analysis, assistance in purchase-and-sale contract negotiations etc.