Asset management

    Value added asset management

    RUBIK Properties enhance value through the cycle by proactive hands on asset management.

    RUBIK Properties unlock value by proactively addressing any physical or operating issues through value added asset management. Every asset acquired has a clearly defined asset business plan with realistic targets that can be achieved within a given time frame. We take pride in demonstrating how we can increase the value of the investment.

    As asset manager for real estate portfolios handling relationships with key tenants is one of the most beneficial practices. All our activities are geared towards offering professional tenant care – this contributes to a reputation as premium landlords.

    Continual monitoring of key information such as tenant profile, sales, footfall and circulation patterns in conjunction to catchment demographics and customer feedback, allows RUBIK Properties to tailor tenant mix to ensure that we achieve the full potential of each asset. Regardless of the technology available RUBIK Properties believe there is no substitute for continuous onsite inspections, where you can tune into the specifics of location, building and fostering relationships with tenants.

    As asset manager you take on all responsibility for the properties. In addition to rental transactions (including optimizing tenant mix, negotiation of lease contracts, implementing lease strategies) asset managers select, manage and coordinate all activities concerning property and facility management. Forward-looking building, planning and implementation of structural maintenance and modernization to ensure properties grow in value.

    Asset management drives value in our investments from acquisition through disposition – once assets are optimized and stabilized according to the asset business plan it will be sold to long term real estate holders and thus return capital to our investors.