Investment management

    RUBIK Properties specializes in breaking down barriers for international investors

    The Nordic market, although increasingly transparent, is still dominated by local players. RUBIK Properties specializes in breaking down barriers for international investors. We have represented more than EUR 1.5 bn. of international capital in the Nordic markets since 2011.

    RUBIK Properties executes investment opportunities across Nordic real estate based upon a strong understanding of our international investor client’s investment strategies and our local real estate expertise. Through our extensive network, understanding of international requirements and solid real estate experience we break down barriers for international investors i.e. bridge our international investor clients investment strategies with local marklet offerings.

    RUBIK Properties strives to provide our investor clients with superior investment performance combined with first‐class service. Our investment principles are guided by patience and discipline, seeking opportunities to generate superior risk-adjusted returns based upon core and value-added investment strategies that are designed to minimize risk and enhance overall value for investors. We provide a range of tailormade solutions that strive to optimize investment returns considering the risk tolerances of our institutional investor clients.

    RUBIK Properties seeks to create value across all phases of the investment life cycle assuring consistent, high-quality execution in everything from sourcing, underwriting and approval of investment opportunities, through the ongoing asset management to the timing and strategy for disposition.

    The result is a structured and disciplined enhancement of value.