Rubik Properties onboards 3 employees as partners in the company

    “It is with pride and great optimism for the future that I can state that the management team has joined as partners in Rubik Properties. Our company provides investment and management services to, among others, Goldman Sachs, Invesco and SBB – here the partner group together with our skilled employees is the key to fulfilling our ambitions to provide best-in-class services to our investor clients and continue the positive development of the company”, Says Jacob Smergel-Krog, CEO and founder of Rubik Properties.

    The partner group thus consists of Jacob Smergel-Krog (CEO), Søren Salby (CFO), Nicolai Sehestedt Dalsgaard (CO-CIO) and Daniel Hye Hedemann (COO).

    Søren Salby, CFO, joined in August 2019 and is responsible for Rubik Properties’ investor reporting to their international clients. Søren came from a similar position at PATRIZIA, where he was responsible for Nordic investor reporting for PATRIZIA’s foreign funds for 6 years.

    Nicolai Sehestedt Dalsgaard, CO-CIO, joined in January 2020 and has had a decisive influence on investment activities at Rubik Properties. Nicolai came from a position as Investment Manager at PATRIZIA, where he facilitated investments in the Nordic region for 6 years on behalf of PATRIZIA’s funds.

    Daniel Hye Hedemann, COO and Head of Asset Management, joined Rubik Properties in January 2022 with a view to further developing and ensuring solid commercial anchoring in our management platform. Daniel most recently came from a position as Head of Real Estate at PBU with responsibility from the pension fund’s property portfolio. In addition, Daniel is also a well-known face to the rest of the partner circle, as Daniel also has a past as Investment Manager at PATRIZIA.

    Rubik Properties has 11 employees and has since its establishment in Q4 2018 made investments of DKK 12 billion. and manages p.t. properties for DKK 6 billion. Rubik Properties provides investment and asset management services to institutional investors.

    [Rubik Properties – an international operating partner]