INVESCO | RUBIK Properties | Nordic Investment Match

    In RUBIK we feel extremely privilege of once again being onboarded as part of the Invesco team in respect of their second Danish residential transaction of building site E at “Bryggens Bastion” at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen.

    This acquisition is the second Copenhagen residential acquisition for Invesco, coming after the acquisition earlier in October of “Grønttorvet 8” where RUBIK Properties also acted as local operating partner for Invesco.

    The plot – Bryggens Bastion – is located on Islands Brygge in an area that has undergone major development in recent years. The area is very popular due to a close proximity to Copenhagen City Centre, the Town Hall Square and Copenhagen Harbor. Bryggens Bastion is the site under development that is closest to the Town Hall.

    Building site E is a residential property of 11,461 sqm. divided into 124 condominiums – let out to residential tenants. Parking is solved through 54 parking spaces, which are located in the basement of the subject property.

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