SBB | RUBIK Properties | Nordic Investment Match

    RUBIK Properties facilitates yet another “Nordic Investment Match” for SBB in respect of the acquisition of Bryghusvej 30 in Svendborg, Funen.

    “Svendborg Bryghus” was originally built in 1899, but most of the brewery burned down on April 15, 1974. The brewery was subsequently rebuilt and new buildings were added. The brewery closed in 1989 and the buildings were sold. The current property was built in 1993, in the same building style as the original part of Svendborg Bryghus. The property comprises four angles that together form a closed tub with a lovely private courtyard in the middle.

    The property is rented out in a single domicile lease to the Danish state, which uses the lease for Tax Authorities in Svendborg. The Danish state has been tenants in the property since its construction. The entire property has just undergone a major interior renovation as a result of the tenant’s desire to modernize the lease, including redevelopment and furnishing of large office space.

    Thanks to Bech-Bruun for legal buy-side advise and once again to SBB for the trust as local operating partner.

    [RUBIK Properties – an operating partner for international investors]